Chillon (6th century BC)


Chilon of Sparta

Chilon of Sparta (6th century BC) is an ancient Greek poet and philosopher.

He lived in the most inappropriate place and time for Philosopher – Ancient Sparta. Σπάρτα

Ancient Greek Sparta

Ancient Sparta was a highly militarized community. Typical for the Greek polis were the fortress walls, but there was no such thing as Sparta. The Spartan troops have frightened all of Ancient Greece. Sparta itself was a community of five unprotected interconnected settlements. It was founded by Dorian settlers, most probably 10 BC. The population of Ancient Sparta is divided into several categories: the citizens called “equal” who participated in the National Assembly. Their main duty was to serve the polish army. They owned land but did not process it. Perries were also free people who could trade and own land. They were also obliged to participate in the army. The Iloites were enslaved by the Meessians and the Achaeans. They were not exiled from their native places, but they cultivated the lands of the citizens and paid a tax for it.

Sparta had oligarchic rule. The Council of Elders, who made the political decisions, consisted of two hereditary kings and 28 lifelong elected by the citizens’ elderly assembly, over 60 years of age. Only citizens – about 5,000 people – took part in the National Assembly and could accept or reject the decisions of the Elders’ Council. All the boys’ training was devoted to preparing for war. At the age of seven, children leave their homes to live in squads where they are hunted, sporting, studying music and martial arts. The citizen was obliged to serve in the military for 20 to 60 years. For most of the time Spartan men lived in military camps outside the cities and watched closely the training of the youth.

It is known to Chilon that during the 55-th Olympic games he was an epoch.

Ephors are employees of Ancient Sparta. They are five men who convene a National Assembly and organize debates. The kings give the papers parts of civil law. They monitor the nutrition, health and appearance of young men. Every year, five men are chosen for pits regardless of their origin, who must swear allegiance each month. They are negotiating with foreign delegations. Two of them also accompanied the kings during a war. Apps are only elected for one year and can not be re-elected. This year they enjoy immunity.

Stellens of Chilon

And the smartest philosopher is hard to answer stupid questions.

Do not let your tongue overtake your thoughts. ‘Think before you speak’

It is right to love someone, as if by will of destiny you have to hate him, so hate someone, as if you will love him tomorrow.

Spending money for the unnecessary, you will have little to do with it.

 Know thyself

Avoid the infamous.

Do not let your tongue overtake your thoughts.

Do not laugh at the other trouble.

Do not threaten: this is not a male deed.

Do not want the impossible.

Do not mourn for your neighbor, lest you hear what you would not be happy to do.