A man cannot live for love. But for a human being, perhaps…


” I stood there and look at her. It was only a word,but a word I had never heard said like that before. I had known women, but they had only been fleeting affairs, adventures, a gay hour occasionally, a lonely evening, escape from oneself, from despair, from vacancy. And I had never even wanted anything else , for I had learned that there is nothing else one can trust but oneself, and one’s comrades perhaps. Now I suddenly saw I could be something to someone, simply because I was there, and that that person was happy because I was with her. Said like that, it sounds very simple; but when you think about it, it is a tremendous thing, a thing that knows no end. It is something that can break and transform one. It is love and yet something more – something for which one can live.

A man cannot live for love. But for a human being, perhaps…”

“Three Comrades” Erich Maria Remarque

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