Life is short. And one needs to know how.


 Life is short. And one needs to know how.

One needs to know how to leave from a bad movie. A bad book.
A bad person. There are many of them.
A project that does not get traction.
Even leave mediocrity. 
There are many of them.
Time is more valuable.
Better to sleep.
Better to eat.
Better to look at the fire, a child, a woman, on the water.
Music became a foe to a men.
Music is annoying, gets into ears.
Through walls.
Through ceilling.
Through the floor.
You breath-in music and the beat of synthesizers.
The lows pound chest, highs itch under the dental fillings.
A play is less arrogant, but it is also hard to escape.
They stop you.
Whish. Straighten.
Trip you…
A computer is sticky, glows as a ghost, invites-in as an Oriental Market
You dig-in, search, search
Well, find something, try to adopt it, throw away,
Dig-in again, 
found something, spinned in your head,  threw away.
Thoughts are standard.
Words are standard.

No! Life is short.

And only a book is delicate.
Took from a shelf.
Flipped through.
Put back.
It does not have arrogance.
It does not penetrate in your brain without asking for permissions.
It sits on a shelf, quiet, waits when is picked up by warm hands.
And it will open itself.
If it were the case with people.
There are many of us. You can not flip though all.
Even one.
Even a significant one.
Even your Self.
Life is short.
Something will be discovered by itself.
For something, you will establish rules.
There is no time for the rest.
There is just one law: leave, throw away, run away, close or do not
Not to give it a moment predetermined for something else.”

Mikhail Zhvanetsky 

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